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So It Starts: It’s AWKWARD

 “Anything worth doing well is worth doing badly in the beginning”Marshall Thurber
 I do not like doing things badly.  I want to do things well.  The first time.  I see others doing a thing well, with grace and ease, so I jump in and, well, you all know the moment:  It feels so AWKWARD!  Not all how it looked watching from the sidelines.  This BLOG feels like that.
Rooks County Airport Dedication
Rooks County Airport Dedication

I remember when I decided to learn to fly.  I had always wanted to fly.  My father was a private pilot based at a small airpark in north central Kansas and I had spent many hours flying with him.  He made it seem so easy.

  • It was fun.
  •  It was fast.
  • It was exciting.

I wanted to learn to fly.

Years later, I had an opportunity to fly with a friend, who is a flight instructor.  On the return leg of the trip, he put me in the left seat and, with his guidance, I flew the plane home.  All the way to landing.  I was hooked and did a happy dance, high heels and all, on the tarmac.  Immediately, I enlisted him as an instructor, found a plane to rent and began the training process.  It was fun, until….the dreaded stall recovery training.

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Welcome to my BLOG

Nancy 1905 Sep 1995Welcome!  I am pleased you stopped by.  I write about the STONEBRDIGE .   We all have one!  Each STONEBRIDGE is special and unique as it represents life’s journey, past, present and future.  It is made up of stones, elements unique to you.  Many are unrecognized, hidden, burried waiting to be discoveed and put on display.  While others are laying on the side looking to be put into that special spot in your bridge.

For now, please visit my ABOUT page to learn more about the elements of my bridge that I hope to use to illustrate and spark recognition and clairity in your journey.

Nancy Hancock-Cullen