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The Value of Margins – A Lesson From Ladders and Air Traffic Control

marginsIt has been a challenging few months. It began last fall when my husband took the season a bit too literally and FELL from a ladder while trimming a tree. Yes there was a running chainsaw involved so we are thankful that the only damage from the incident was a broken left heal bone. None-the-less, crutches in a three story house, trips to specialists, me becoming his chauffeur, and generally having to pick up the tasks that require two good feet (which is more than one realizes) to keep up with daily life was a challenge for both of us. Many goals and plans had to be put on hold, although we did soldier on in many ways.

We even did some things we might not have done just as a diversion like Tuesdays on the Terrace at our local botanical gardens. We received wonderful aid from our church family so that the lawn stayed mowed until cool weather set in. By Thanksgiving he was back on two feet and is now doing physical therapy to get rid of the last of the effects of the injury. We are grateful that the outcome was not worse. Very grateful. Yes, very very grateful.

However, this kind of thing messes with ones goals, plans and dreams. It also taps into the reserves or margins one tries so carefully to build in to life. Margins of:

* time
* relationship resources
* money (savings)
* emotional and mental resources
* spiritual resources

These past few months have demonstrated to me the critical value of margins. Especially when life throws you a curve ball.

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A Book Proposal

Costa Rica Book
arrival in Costa Rica

I am writing a second book about my dad, Paul Hancock book and even though I plan to self-publish, like the first one, I am following the wisdom of Micheal Hyatt and have written a book proposal using his outline.  This has helped frame and clarify what my vision for this work is.  I am in the midst of writing so it is on my mind a lot these days.  I thought I would share the proposal with you so you could enter into the process with me.  I may even post bits of the book as it comes forth.  Feedback is welcome!


Premise:  Every life is important.  Dad’s are important to daughters.  This book documents the convergence of a segment of one man’s life through a demonstration to meet a need in another man’s life of service, and a daughter’s opportunity to intersect that point of convergence 30+ years later.  This convergence point is a Toyota Pick-up truck that began its mission in Kansas in 1984 and continues, in part in the mountains of Costa Rica in 2016.

Unique Selling Proposition:  For those who choose to read this book, it will serve to:

  • Give voice to the fading or unknown efforts of my father AND those who supported, in any way, this leap of faith
  • Preserve this story for Paul Hancock’s family
  • Recognize the many others who assisted in this effort, so that their descendants will be aware of their kindness
  • Remind those who have benefitted from this one ten-day Journey that we all are beneficiaries of the kindness and sacrifices of others
  • Inspire others to document those stories within in their families so they will not be lost.

Because the book will:

  • Affirm each of our impact in this world, even after we are gone.

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