Monthly Archives: June 2016


Summer is very precious.     summerDylan Lauren      

It’s here.  Summer!  Although the pace is less structured so we can refresh and rest a bit,  our life journey and adventure continue.  Hubby and I are headed off on a road trip soon, but that will not prevent me from staying connected to you in this place that knows no geography.

Do you have summer plans?  Have you thought how they fit or form your stonebridge?

Please share in the comments below.

Part of our trip will be to honor the memory of a family member who passed on this past spring, to celebrate Father’s Day with my father-in-law and a general gathering of the Cullen clan.  We will also see a couple of old friends, meet some friends we only know via Google Hangouts and visit the Missionary Aviation Fellowship headquarters.  So this trip will strengthen the  family, faith and flying stones in my bridge.

House sitter  and lawn care are arranged and mail soon to be on hold.   Ah the freedom!

It’s summer!  Enjoy!