How To Turn A TV Stand Into Wooden Easels

Creativity is always a leap of faith. You’re faced with a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage. – Julia Cameron
I have been working on my vision boards.  I keep them simple using foam core boards from the Dollar Store.  However, I grew tired of them sitting on the floor in the corner and falling over.  I decided I needed a couple of easels to put them on, so I consulted my go to idea place, Pinterest.
All I needed were three boards, a hinge and something to rest the pictures on.  I was pretty sure I had all I needed in my stash of reclaimed materials and hardware.  As I was letting the idea percolate, I spotted an old TV stand that had belonged to my husband’s grandmother.  We  used it for a number of years as a TV stand, but those days were gone.  The stand was was collecting dust looking for a new life.
Easels Made Easy
As I looked it over, I realized it had all of the elements I needed to make two nice wood easels.  No cutting needed.  I used every part of the stand except the shelf that was below where the TV sat.  The shelf will no doubt find a new home in another project.

The two easels took about four hours from start to finish including wresting with getting the hinges set right and making the video included in this post.  Cost: nothing.  Granted I had leftover materials on hand and access to my husbands tools.
Tools Used:
  • a pair of pliers
  • a power screw driver
  • a drill for making pilot holes
  • a pencil to mark where the holes needed to go
This is what I do, make stuff out of stuff laying around.  I can be the one who makes the stuff you would like but don’t have the time or other resources to.  Please visit my Masion Steinbuchel  ETSY shop to see what I have already re-purposed for you!
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